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Books on Sindh - History - Dictionaries & Grammar Books - Sindhi Language & Alphabets (The first Lessons in Sindhi), Sindhi Digital Dictionary - Religious Books - Book-Sellers & Publishers

Books on Sindh - History

1. Sindh and the Races that inhabits the Valley of the Indus
by Sir Richard F. Burton
--with notices of the topography and history of province, 422 pages, HC., map (Reprint 1851 edn.) 1997

2. Sind Revisited - 2 Vol., by Sir Richard F. Burton, HC.,
(Reprint 1851 edn.), 2000 edn.

3. Sind - A Reinterpretation of the Unhappy Valley, by Abbott, J., 124 pages, HC., (Reprint 1924 edn.) 1992

4.Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization - 3 Vol.
by Marshall, John
..Being an official account of achaeological excavations at Mahenjo-Daro carried out by the Government of India between the year 1922 and 1927. With a plan and map in colour and 164 plates, 730 pages, HC., (Reprint 1931 edn.), 1996

Sindhi Dictionaries & Grammar Books

1. A Dictionary of English and Sindhi
by Stack, George
(Sindhi Devanagri script), 238 pages, HC., (Reprint 1849) 1986

2. English - Sindhi Pocket Dictionary
by Lalwani, HC., (Reprint 1960) Forthcoming

3. Grammar of the Sindhi Language
by Trumpp. Ernest
..Compared with the Sanskrit, Prakrit and the Cognate Indian
Vernaculars, 540 pages, HC., (Reprint 1872 edn.) 1986

Sindhi Language Learning - The First Lessons

The lessons are taken from: The First - Simple Sindhi Book by Lalwani, 1968 edition in Sindhi Arabic text (First print in 1949) published by
L. Dwarkadas & Sons & Bright Book House, Bombay 4, India. This book was officially approved by many State Government - Education Departments for the first grade students.

A part of this book covering the Sindhi Alphabet and basic over 20 lessons are given in following web link. Please click.

Sindhi Language Lessons and Alphabets (Arabic Script)

Sindhi Religious Books

A desappearing catagory (in Sindhi Arabic Text) but some limited number of books (eg. Sukhmani, Bhagwat Gita...) are available. Please send your email for additional informatiAon.

Sindhi Novels & CookBooks (In Arabic Text)

A desappearing catagory (in Sindhi Arabic Text) but some limited number of books are available. Please send your email for additional informatiAon.


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Sindhi Book-Sellers & Publishers

L. Dwarkadas & Sons & Bright Book House
Mumbai 400-022, India

Jagdish Book Depot
Ulhasnagar (Mumbai), India

L. Kishinchand & Sons, Ulhasnagar (Mumbai), India

Mahalaxmi Book Depot, Ulhasnagar (Mumbai), India

L. Baghwandas & Sons, Pune, India

Laurier Books Ltd. & Asian Educational Services, Ottawa, ON., Canada

Laurier Books & Asian Educational Services, US-VI, USA

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